Assoc. Prof. Lalida Tuntipumiamorn, Ms.

Division : Radiation oncology, Department of Radiology

Specialty groups : Radiation Physics , Brachytherapy

Languages : Thai, English

Field of interests : Physics and technique in advance radiotherapy, Brachytherapy, Proton therapy

MSc. In Radiation Science , Faculty of Medicine , Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
BSc. In Radiological Technology, Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
MRI for radiotherapy , Manchester , UK
APAC Particle radiotherapy , Kyoto , Japan
MR-guided Radiotherapy , University of Utrecht , Netherland
PTCOG 56 Annual conference , Yogohama , Japan
Certificate in, Image-Guided GYN Brachytherapy Training, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Certificate in Respiratory Motion Management for Radiation Therapy ( MMRT) Peering Training , Washington University School of Medicine and Philips Medical Systems , St. Louis , Missouri , USA
Certificate in Implementing IMRT in Clinical Practice , ASTRO Practicum , Texas , USA
Certificate in IAEA/RCA Regional training workshop on the implementation of the international code of practice for radiotherapy dosimetry , IAEA TRS-398 , Thialand
Certificate in Radiation physics and dosimetry , Department of Radiation Oncology ,Medical Center, University of California ,Los Angeles , USA
Certificate in Emergency Planning and Preparedness , IAEA and Office of Atomic Energy for Peace, Thailand
Certificate in Thermoluminescent Dosimetry , Department of Radiation Oncology , Universitattskliniken Des Sarrlands, Germany
Professional memberships
Thai Medical Physicist Society
Thai Society of Radiological Technologist
The Society of Radiation Oncology of Thailand
The Royal College of Radiological of Thai
Recent publications
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  8. Chatchaipaiboon N, Tuntipumiamorn L, Tangduangjit P. Accuracy Verification of Volumetric-Modulated Arc Radiation Therapy with End-to-End Test in Multi-radiotherapy Centers in Thailand. Proceeding of 10th Annual Scientific Meeting of Thai Medical Physicist Society in cooperation with Japanese Society of Radiological Technology (JSRT) and Myanmar Medical Physics Association (MMPA), Jan 17-19, 2018
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