Asst. Prof. Porntip Iampongpaiboon, M.D.

Division : Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiology

Specialty groups : –

Languages : Thai

Field of interests : Radiotherapy Planning

MSc. In Medical Physics , Faculty of Medicine , Ramathibody Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok ,Thailand
BSc. In Radiation Technology, Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Certificate in Physics for Clinical Radiotherapy, Estro Teaching Course , Bangkok, Thialand , December 6-9, 2012
Certificate in Clinical Machine Acceptance , Varian training center Milpitas ,California , USA , December 3-7 , 2001
Professional memberships
Thai Medical Physicist Society (TMPS)
Recent publications
  1. Chanwichu P., TangboonduangjitP., Asavaphatiboon S., Damrongkijudom N., Iampongpaiboon P., Kakanaporn C. FF and FFF patient specific QA using Varian aS1200 portai imanger and compare with PTW Octavius 1500. Journal of Thai Association of Radiation Oncology. 2019 : 25(1): JANUARY – JUNE
  2. Tuntipumiamorn L., Tangboonduangjit P., Sanghangthum T., Iampongpaiboon P., Nakkrasae P., et al. Multi-institutional evaluation using the end-to-end test for implementary of dynamic techniques of radiation therapy in Thailand. Reports of Practical Oncology & Radiothery. 2019 : 24(1):124-132
  3. Teyateeti A., Laojunun P., Iampongpaiboon P., Poon-iad N., Rojwatkarnjana S., Jiranantanakorn T., Teyateeti A. Outcome of External Beam Radiation in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer : A 10-year Experience. Siriraj Med J, 2017; 69(5): 247-254
  4. Sakulsingharoj S., Boonkitticharoen V., Tannanonta C., Kakanaporn C., Iampongpaiboon P. SU‐FF‐T‐495: Risk Estimation of Radiation Induced Second Cancers in Prostate Cancer Patient Treated by Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy (3D‐CRT) . Medical Physics. 2017. 36 (6): 2637.
  5. Pimthong J., Kakanaporn C., Tuntipumiamorn L., Laojunun P., Iampongpaiboon. P. Commissioning and validation of COMPASS system for VMAT patient specific quality assurance. Journal of Physics, Conference Series 694(2016)012025:1-5
  6. Tuntipumiamorn L, Laochanan P , Phongprapun W, Iampongpaiboon P, Kullathorn Tepmonkol. Charts Analysis for the Output and Energy Constancy of the Mobetron Intra-operative Electron Therapy System. Siriraj Med J, 2015; 67(Suppl 1)): S17-23
  7. Tuntipumiamorn L, Liammookda P, Dechawongsuwan S, Chaikreng S, Iampongpaiboon P, Kakanaporn C. Assessment of Interfraction Setup Error of Non-Extended Standard Thermoplastic Mask for Head- and- Neck Intensitiy-modulated radiation therapy Patients. Siriraj Medical Journal , Vol 65, No. 2 , May 2013: 31-35
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  12. Tuntipumiamorn L , Apipanyasopon L. Liammukda P, Krongyuth K, Kakanaporn C, Iampongpaiboon P, Vinijsorn S. Experience of the commissioning and implementation the total body skin therapy (TSET) at Siriraj Hospital. The Asian Journal of Radiology, 2010; 16(1): 52-61