Assoc. Prof. Preeyacha Pacharn, M.D.

Division : Diagnostic Radiology, Department of Radiology

Specialty groups : Pediatric Radiology

Languages : Thai, English

Field of interests : Pediatric body imaging, Fetal imaging

General Radiology, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
Medical Doctor, Chiangmai University
Thai Subspecialty Board of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Clinical fellowship Pediatric body and fetal MRI
Certificate Clinical fellowship in Pediatric Radiology
Higher Graduate Diploma (Ragiology) General Radiology board
Professional memberships
Thai Medical Council, The Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand
The Ultrasound Society of Thailand
The Society of Pediatric Radiology
The Asian & Oceanic Society for Pediatric Radiology
Recent publications
  1. Pira Neungton, M.D., Preeyacha Pacharn, M.D., Kriengkrai Iemsawatdikul, M.D.Unusual Pediatric Abdominal Cysts: A Pictorial Review of Imaging Findings Siriraj Medical Journal Vol70, No3-2018
  2. Kriengkrai Iemsawatdikul MD*, Pira Neungton MD*, Preeyacha Pacharn MD*, Chirawat Sudla Bsc, RT*, Apichart Kraklangchon RT*, Koedsiri Thamnumsook RN*, Piyamaporn Wannurak RN*, Yajai Thrisoontron PN*Efficacy of Fluoroscopic Screen Capture Images in Evaluation of Abnormality during Voiding Cystourethrography in Pediatric PopulationJ Med Assoc Thai Vol. 100 No. 6 2017
  3. Preeyacha Pacharn, Kriengkrai Ieumsawasdikul, Juntima Tanboon, Thomas J Bryce : Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver: report of 2 casesSiriraj Med J 2013;65:21-23
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